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2017 Dove Lease List Phone

254-386-8903 X 5 Cell 254-485-3503

Buffe, Brandon Indian Gap 644-8332

Buffe, Leonard Indian Gap 372-3244

Cathey, Ted Hamilton (281) (325)668-0261

Craig, Danny FM 2905 386-3696

Craig, Dean FM 2905 386-5058

Craig, James & Wayne FM 2905 386-2009 or 386-5580

Craig, Tommy FM 2905 386-5943

Eoff, Mike Shive 386-5195 Hanes,

Mike & Debra Lamham 386-5187

Hopper, Mark Indian Gap 372-4878

Kauitzsch, Myron Hamilton 386-3155

Limmer, Alfred Pottsville 386-5503

Maines, L.R. Indian Gap 372-3050

Melde, Darrell Aleman 386-5477

Peters, Albert Shive 386-3892

Pietzch, Alice Pottsville 372-3061

Sale, Ronnie Jonesboro 463-9000

Schoedel, Dorothy Aleman 386-5774

Schrank, Alan Aleman 386-6314

Schrank, Stephen Aleman 386-2715

Siepert, Jerry Aleman 386-6545

Whitehead, Brad Between Hamilton & Hico 784-9205

AREA CODE is 254 unless specified You should call the above to inquire about availability, hunting conditions, price, and directions. There are some places that have reported seeing more doves than the last few years. The above list is from previous years with some deletions and additions. You may find that some of the above no longer lease for dove hunting. If so, ask them to call us so they can be removed from the list. Thanks for stopping by Haile’s Ranglers. We have been assisting hunters since September 1, 1973.