Hamilton Municipal Airport

The Hamilton Municipal Airport is one of the best airports in the area with instrument landing capability, airplane storage, fuel and a courtesy car.  Located 3 miles south of downtown, the airport has the longest runway within 40 nautical miles, measuring 4998’ X 75’.  The taxiways supports aircraft up to 30,000lbs.  Hamilton has both Jet-A and 100LL Fuel.  The airport lounge offers restrooms, television, flight planning, soft drinks, snacks and comfortable seating.


Airport Manager: Ryan Polster

http://[email protected]>

439 FM 3302

Hamilton, TX 76531

Ph: 254-386-3939

Fx: 254-386-3508





Airport Information

Runway Length: 4998′

Surface: Asphalt

Lighting: Pilot Controlled Med Intensity Runway Lights with PARI RWY 18-36

Fuel: 100LL and Jet-A

Airport Use: Public

Attendence: 07:30-10:30 or 13:30oz-22:30z

Runway Lights: Sunset to Sunrise


WX AWOS-3: 118.525 (254-386-8211)

Gray Approach: 120.075

Airport Board

Board President- John Hansard


Current Fuel Prices

  • Self/Full-Service 100LL- $4.14 per gallon
  • Self/Full- Service Jet Fuel- $4.01 per gallon
  • (full-service only) Please Call Ahead!

Hangar Rates

New T-Hangars

42′-  $150.00

43′ – $165.00

44′ – $180.00

Old T Hangars- West side with asphalt floor $100.00

East side with dirt floor- $50.00

Overnight T-Hangar- $5.00

The overnight rate may be waived by the airport manager upon purchase of fuel or other circumstances that are in the best interest of the airport.

Ramp Tiedowns – $2.00 per day